Find out how a Florida auto dealership saw a 32% increase in Synchrony Car Care™ credit card sales in less than six months!

Lakeland Toyota was enrolled with Synchrony Car Care, but the staff wasn’t seeing tangible results from the program right away. However, one assistant service manager started implementing a simple, yet effective practice for selling with financing—offering the Synchrony Car Care credit card to every customer, every time—and the number of applications began to skyrocket.

The Lakeland Toyota team began communicating to customers how promotional financing can help them get the parts, service and repairs they need today while paying over time (minimum monthly payments required).

Once customers saw the benefits, they were more likely to apply—and more applications can mean more closed sales. The potential for increased business isn’t the only thing that the Lakeland Toyota team, and thousands of other Synchrony Car Care partners, enjoy as part of their program. It also offers resources for training, advertising and so much more.

Lakeland Toyota assistant service manager with a customer
Synchrony Care Care Lakeland Toyota case study.

Find out how this dealership made the most of their Synchrony Car Care partnership to make a difference for their business—and how we can help do the same for you!

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