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of Synchrony cardholders say they always seek promotional financing when making a major purchase.*

A purchase of $500 or more is a big deal for many consumers. That’s where financing comes into play. Helping your customers get what they really want and need can help you achieve more traffic, higher sales, and more repeat business.

Upgrades or add-ons mean higher ticket values.

The freedom to pay over time gives your customers more purchasing power. This can help increase sales. Here are two big reasons why:

A couch and a coffee table.A couch and a coffee table.

With greater purchasing power, your customer may decide a new sofa needs just the right coffee table to complete the look.

A home theaterA home theater

More time to pay can make a superior product (a bigger TV screen or “smart” appliance) more budget friendly.

More time to pay means bigger sales.

While minimum purchase requirements vary, average ticket values increase with longer promotional periods. And Synchrony offers some of the longest promotional periods available.

Use Synchrony’s online Payment Estimator to help explain financing promotions and monthly payments to your customers.


Promotional financing solutions that fit your business.

We have the experience to help you offer a credit program that appeals to your customers and your bottom line. Here are just a few options:

Private Label Credit Cards

Offer your customers a card with your name on it. It can help increase their purchasing power, and average order value. It also keeps your business top of mind.

Exclusive Program Credit Cards

Accepted at your store and other in-program retailers, our established program credit cards like Synchrony Car Care™ or Synchrony HOME™ opens your door to new customers.

Installment Loans

Depending on your business, you may be able to offer customers convenient installment loan options with fixed monthly payments over a predetermined length of time.

Deferred Interest /
No Interest if Paid in Full within Promo Period

Interest accrues on the promotional purchase during the promotional period and will be assessed if the purchase is not paid in full within the promotional period. Minimum monthly payments are required.

Example: No Interest if Paid in Full within 6 Months.

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Equal Payments /
No Interest

No interest is assessed on the promotional purchase and equal monthly payments are required until the promotion is paid in full.

Example: Interest Free Financing for 12 Months.

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Fixed Payments /
Reduced APR

Interest is assessed on the promotional purchase at a reduced APR and equal payments are required until the promotion is paid in full.

Example: XX.XX% APR for 24 Months Until Paid in Full.

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More reasons to go with Synchrony.

  • Easy customer application and approval process

    In-store or online, Synchrony streamlines the credit application process. It’s quick and simple. Your customers get a credit decision instantly. We also have some of the strongest approval rates in the industry.

  • Attractive promotions that build customer loyalty

    Keep customers coming back. Proven Rewards programs and budget-friendly financing options with long promotional periods available.

  • Fast funding and protection for peace of mind

    Get paid upfront and fast. Within two days. And non-recourse protection means there’s less risk to your business from default or fraud.

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*Sixth Annual Major Purchase Study, 2017