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Interested in setting up a financing program for your business? Tell us a little about your business and a representative will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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Please explore our Learning Center for additional advertising and financing topics.

Some content and tools on this site are only available to our partners.

Advertising Guidelines

Advertising Guidelines / Disclosures

Access guidelines on how to design effective ads that comply with regulations on advertising promotional financing. Actual headline, subheadline, disclosure language included.

Advertising Resources

Advertising Resources / Reviews

Do you have an advertising creative question or would like us to review your ads for regulatory compliance? Our Advertising Consultants are available to help.

AD Wizard

AD Wizard / Personalized Point of Purchase (POP)

Use our quick and easy tool to create program specific consumer financing advertising and Personalized Point-of-Purchase Signage that's ready to go!

Digital Marketing Toolkit

Digital Marketing Toolkit

Banners and best practices to help you market financing on your website.


Preview Advertising Center

Watch a short video that highlights all the tools in Advertising Center and how to use them to create more effective and compliant advertising campaigns.

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