Getting Started Checklist

Incorporate financing into your website to help drive more customers to your business. Make sure customers instantly know you offer Special Financing to ensure they come to you for the products and services they’re looking for!

Ready to Begin?

Follow these easy steps to help optimize your financing program online and integrate financing on your website.
Make financing part of your online presence and see how it can drive more traffic and sales.

1 Boost Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Including Financing

Help customers find you when searching online by including information about your promotional financing program:

  • Key words and phrases on your home and product pages and other relevant pages throughout your site
  • Alt text on image descriptions and page titles
  • Helpful links, such as “apply online” and “manage your financing” at

2 Optimize Financing
on Your Website

Position financing in key areas throughout your website with:

Optimal Site Placement

  • Core Navigation — Create a main navigation tab that leads to a landing page dedicated to your financing and include financing in your sitemap
  • Above the Fold — Place your financing message and card art in the upper portion of the viewing screen
  • cross the Site — Showcase financing opportunities throughout your website, i.e., on home, product and account pages, etc.

Align with Marketing Initiatives

  • Include a financing offer alongside sales and featured products
  • Feature financing opportunities with special events, preferred customer promotions, etc.

Reasons to Engage

  • Invite customers to apply today or visit with you to learn more
  • Promote the features and advantages of being a cardholder
  • Provide helpful links to online account management

3 Provide Full Details
and Disclosures

Ensure full promotion and disclosure details are current and one click away or on the same page.

  • Provide easy access to a clear understanding of your financing promotions via a landing page dedicated to your financing offers
  • Obtain the latest headlines, disclosures and Advertising Guidelines by visiting the Digital Marketing Toolkit


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Woman undergoing a transaction.Woman undergoing a transaction.

To learn more about integrating your financing online, explore the free Digital Marketing Toolkit at

  • Improve your online marketing and stay legally compliant
  • View informational videos, get downloads, and more
  • Stay compliant with our Advertising Guidelines
  • Get instant access to digital banner ads, buttons, logos, and web page templates
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*2019 Synchrony Financial Major Purchase Consumer Study