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Synchrony offers a consumer credit card program with financing options to help your customers get the items they really want right away. Receive a wealth of benefits to your business:

  • Non-recourse protection from in-store
    consumer fraud*

  • Dedicated retailer service and support

  • A one-stop website to manage all your financing needs, including reporting, marketing and training

  • Shared Knowledge: proven tips and techniques for driving sales, increasing customer loyalty and growing your business

* Subject to any chargeback rights in the Synchrony Merchant agreement and compliance with Synchrony’s operating procedures.

Did you know? 48% of Synchrony's credit cardholders would not have made the purchase or would have gone to another retailer if financing had not
been available?

*All costs will be waived during the 3 months except actual usage charges. Actual usage charges relate to discount fees (pay as you use) associated with the promotional financing program. Credit is extended by Synchrony Bank.

How customers shop and how financing gets the sale.

Synchrony Major Purchase studies show customers do a lot of research before making big ticket purchases. 68% go to the OEM or dealer’s website and 43% look for financing information on an OEM or dealer’s website. Synchrony provides tools to help you display that information on your website, in your dealership, and in your advertising. 77% of Synchrony Accountholders chose the dealer with financing available for their purchase.

*SOURCE: 2013 & 2014 Synchrony Major Purchase
Consumer Study

A customer with a separate credit line at your store will spend more

It's easy to start offering your customers financing.

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