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Freedom to Ride

With the Freedom to Ride program through The Bike Cooperative, you can increase your sales and give customers the power to purchase the bike and accessories they want and need.

Benefits to Your Store:

  • Score higher ticket sales and help more customers get the best gear with flexible financing
  • Convert “lookers” into “buyers” by offering promotional financing offers for 6 to 24 months*
  • Drive customer loyalty and repeat business with your store’s name on every card
  • Maximize your store’s performance with FREE sales training and in-store marketing materials

Benefits for Your Customers

  • Help them get the bike and accessories they need now, and let them pay over time with convenient monthly payments
  • Increase their buying power above and beyond their other lines of credit
  • Help them get the gear they want with instant credit processing and sales authorization

More Info Or To Enroll:
1-800-450-7595 - Ask for The Bike Cooperative Member Services

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments apply.